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Coastal Mississippi Birding Field Trips

The Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail (MCBT) identifies and details over 40 sites that are used by local birders and are historically prime birding locations in the six southernmost counties of Mississippi. Most of these sites were first described as birding destinations by Judith Toups in her book, Guide to Birding Coastal Mississippi and Adjacent Counties (2004). 

Mississippi Coast Audubon Society chapter members have identified a list of key bird species that may be considered priority for Mississippi. These birds have been highlighted on their Most Sought Species (MSS) page. The species listed may be of increased interest to birders of all types especially those who may be traveling to the Mississippi Gulf Coast specifically to bird. Habitat quality also influenced site choice because of the undeniable connection between the presence of good birds and a robust, healthy ecosystem. Visit this link to find the birding trails along Coastal Mississippi. 

The Mississippi Coast Birding Trail (the late Judith Toups completed the original trail map in 2003) is sponsored by the National Audubon Society, Inc., one of the oldest nature conservation organizations in the United States. Formed in 1905, this organization operates from a national office in New York City, 30 state offices including Audubon Mississippi, and 40 plus interpretive centers and sanctuaries across the country.

Many of the sites included on the Mississippi Coast Birding Trail are located in the Pascagoula River basin and at other high-quality natural areas across the lower six-county region of southern Mississippi. Many of these sites are also designated as Important Bird Areas by Audubon and its partners. All of the sites included in this trail are focal points for long-term stewardship by Audubon and other organizations committed to conservation of birds and wildlife and the promotion of nature tourism as a means of supporting conservation of these areas for generations to come.

Here are some of the Birding Field Trips you can take with the Mississippi Coast Audubon Society.