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Two Biloxi Captains and Crew honored by IGFA in 2016


International Game and Fish Association 2016 class for the Legendary Captains & Crew Awards included Biloxi Captains Kenny Barhanovich (Miss Hospitality) and Jay Trochesset (Silver Dollar III) and crew members Adam Ladnier and Alex Soto.

Kenny Barhanovich:

From the age of 14 and for the next six years, Barhanovich and his father worked to build their business. They changed the boat name to the Miss Hospitality to better appeal to visitors. “Fish-N-Fun” on the Miss Hospitality would be their signature catch phrase for the next 40+ years. Barhanovich worked for Ingalls Shipbuilding for some time to support his wife and three daughters, but ultimately returned to his true passion- the charter business. It was at this time that he got his captain’s license and he and his father upgraded to a 51’ custom sportfisher.


Jay Trochesset:

Trochesset’s career as a licensed charter boat captain began in 1974 when he purchased his first boat- the Silver Dollar. As the business grew, he and his father spent the better part of three years designing and building the Silver Dollar I, a 50 foot fiberglass sport fisher- without the benefit of blueprints. Trochesset is highly regarded in the charter industry for bringing the first custom built catamarans to the area. In 1997, he christened his third boat, the Silver Dollar II, a 50 foot custom built catamaran. He now operates the new Silver Dollar III, an updated 52 foot catamaran purchased in 2009.

Criteria for LC&C Award Nomination

The primary criteria for receiving the LC&C Award from the IGFA is that the captain or crew member must have provided leadership in their trade and have earned the respect of their peers, thus making a meaningful contribution to the sport of recreational angling over an extended period of time. The nominee must demonstrate that he or she has espoused the ethical angling standards stated by the founders of the IGFA. A representative balance should be created wherever possible between various aspects for the sport including but not limited to saltwater/freshwater, inshore/offshore, east coast/west coast/gulf coast, foreign/domestic, coldwater/warmwater.