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COVID-19 Business Readiness

In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, Governor Reeves issued a “Safer at Home” order that will remain in place through May 11. Social distancing is still strongly encouraged and businesses that cannot avoid personal contact are closed: salons, gyms, spas, and tattoo parlors. Entertainment and amusement businesses such as casinos, theaters, bars and museums are still closed. Beginning May 7, Gov. Reeves announced that he will allow restaurants to offer limited in-house dining and larger outdoor gatherings of 20 or less. Restaurants will be allowed to open indoor and outdoor dining as long as capacity is limited to 50% and servers wear masks. All in-house dining establishments must adhere to these mandates.

Steps toward reopening:

  1. Develop a written plan  
    • Writing a plan can show that you have thought through risks in advance. A plan can also convey that you care about your customers, staff, and others.  
  2. Follow your plan   
    • Plans that sit on a shelf and don’t get followed are worthless. Make sure you’re following your plan. It’s one thing to say you don’t want your employees to come to work if they are sick. It’s another thing to follow through with it.  
  3. Communicate the plan to your employees  
    • Meet with your staff and talk about the new procedures 
    • Explain the importance of the new procedures 
    • Allow staff to ask questions to make sure they understand it fully  
    • Rehearse proper cleaning techniques with staff members  
  4. Communicate what you’re doing to prepare for reopening to customers. This can go a long way in reassuring them that it is safe to return.  
    • Use your social media or email newsletters to show what you’re doing (videos of you or staff cleaning; show photos of staff wearing Personal Protective Equipment)   
    • Develop signage to reinforce the new rules – this will remind customers as well as employees

Communications & Messaging

When the time is right to reopen your business, please use the resources we have provided below in an effort to maintain consistency and address potential questions and/or concerns from visitors and guests.

Is your business incorporating a unique tool or safeguard to protect your guests/customers? Please share with us below!

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