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National Travel and Tourism Week

May 7-13, 2017


National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW), now in its 34th year, is the annual salute to travel in America. During the first full week in May, communities nationwide unite to showcase the impact of travel to policymakers, business leaders and local media with rallies, events and other activities.

The theme of this NTTW shines a spotlight on the people who keep this industry strong: The Faces of Travel.

To celebrate NTTW, Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast selected 50 Faces of Travel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. These 50 travel & tourism industry professionals were nominated by their peers and stood out as individuals who go above and beyond to serve their organization and travelers visiting the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

We’re extremely excited to share with you the 50 Faces of Travel on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!

Octavio Arzola, Shannon Arzola, Woody Bailey, Donna Barnes, Russ Bloom, Donna Brown, Jane Byrne, Amy Chenoweth, Richard Chenoweth, Corey Christy, Robin Krohn David, Debbie Davis, Jen Dearman, David Despot, Mary Douglas, Susan Duffy, Wendy Fairley, Sonja Gillis, Leslie Henderson, Stacy Howell, Mark Isaacs, Shirley Joseph, Chuck Kelly, Jeff Jenkins, Ryan Jurich, Mark LaSalle, Merlissia Lewis, David Mohler, Theresa Mohler, Nikki Moon, Brandy Moore, Mike Moore, Bill Raymond, Dorothy Roberts, Rosemary Roosa, Sonny Schindler, Mary Smith, Shay Smith, Gwen Stallworth, Kitsaa Stevens, Kait Sukiennik, Bobbie Tate, Kenny “Big Daddy" Taylor, Jay Trochesset, Chris Vignes, Kristina Ware, Dan Wittmann, Mac Wixon, Bill Yockey, and Jessie Zenor.