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We won’t say we’re at your beck and call, but our team will help you any way we can!

Before you begin filling out our form, please check out our guidelines below!

Coastal Mississippi press trip guidelines:

  • Coastal Mississippi may cover air travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast and ground transportation within the region.
    • Coastal Mississippi Gulf Coast must have final information for airfare no later than three months prior to trip. The organization may not be able to accommodate airfare without information this far in advance.
  • Coastal Mississippi may not be able to accommodate spouses, children and/or visitors accompanying journalists.
    • Coastal Mississippi policy prohibits the hosting of journalists if the primary purpose of the trip is leisure or holiday travel.
  • Coastal Mississippi is not able to request complimentary accommodations or amenities with less than three weeks notice of your arrival.
  • Complimentary stays are provided at the discretion of the host hotels and are subject to availability. 
  • Meals accompanied by Coastal Mississippi staff member will be covered, but all visiting press should plan to pay for some portion of the visit.


Having read the above, please complete our press trip request form and email the following additional materials to

  • Documentation of a minimum total viewership of 100,000 (can be one outlet, or spread across multiple)
  • If journalist plans to bring additional team members, proof of position(s) and role(s) within trip must be provided
  • At least two destination references from previous press trips should be provided, or contact information from appropriate destinations should be provided
  • Letter of assignment from editor(s) should be provided prior to press trip

Thanks again for your interest in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. Please allow 1-2 business days for Coastal Mississippi staff member to respond to your request. 

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