Scranton Nature Center

3928 Nathan Hale Drive

I G Levy Park

Pascagoula, MS 39568

Phone: (228) 938-6612

At the Scranton Nature Center- Sea life, birds, mammals, rocks, minerals, fossils and insects will be among the exhibits for the public to view. The exhibits are complemented with artwork to give a natural setting to what visitors will experience. Adults love this place as much as children!

The center provides environmental education that promotes natural resource conservation practices and provides support to the cultural and ecotourism industry.

The center has new exhibits where children can look through a glass hole and be face-to-face with what's inside, and there's a small stuffed alligator guarding a display of ships that operated on the Pascagoula River from 1878 to the turn of the 20th century.

Special events will resume around Christmas and the snakes, fish and other live exhibits will return in the spring, butterflies will also fill the air again from cocoon to maturity. A wildflower and art show for all wildflowers in Jackson County will also be part of future attractions.

Open Tuesday–Friday 10am to 4pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am to 4pm, admission charged.