Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education

1600 Government Street

Ocean Springs, MS 39564

Phone: (228) 818-2878

The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center offers space throughout the historic building for special events, meetings, reunions and more. The Trent Lott Performing Arts Theater offers 383 seats and can accommodate concerts, plays, musicals, recitals, and meetings. The Scharr-Ello Studio provides professional audio/video recording, mastering/editing services, and is available for individuals, groups, choirs, school groups, bands and chamber ensembles by the hour or session. The Duckett Gallery, HOSA Room, Paper Mache Room, Performing Arts Room, Pottery Studio, Visual Arts Room, Woodcarving Room, IP Culinary Arts Café, and the grounds of the Mary C offer space for meetings, workshops, special events, and more.

Facility Info
  • Description The Trent Lott Performing Arts Theatre is available for performances and meetings. With 393 seats, the Theatre accommodates concerts, plays, musicals, recitals and town meetings. The Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center also offers seven other rooms throughout the center for workshops or gatherings! The Duckett Gallery, Paper Mache Room, HOSA Room, Performing Arts Room, VA Room, Pottery Studio, and Woodcarving Room are available for your meeting needs. Call for details & rental fees!

Mississippi Songwriters Alliance, The  Mary C and The Feder Foundation present Songs and Stories Show featuring Blue Mother Tupelo.

Pasta is one of the most common staples in the American home. The history of pasta shapes and sizes is an interesting one though. Join Michael and Stephanie Paoletti of Food, Booze & Hiccups as they describe the different flours used in pasta making, the types of sauces best utilized for different kinds of pasta, and teach how to make pasta in your own home kitchen. In this class, you will make a noodle, filled pasta, and a gnocchi dish. Enjoy the gnocchi for lunch and bring home all of the pasta you made to enjoy with friends and family at home.


Tagliatelle in Aglio e Olio with onions (anchovies optional)
Potato Gnocchi tossed w/ swiss chard, brown butter, and Parmesan 
Duck Egg Raviolo w/ a bacon and sage sauce

Instructor: Chefs Michael and Stephanie Paoletti

The little ones will mix and bake their way to a delicious King Cake! This hands-on class will delight children of all ages. When you are finished, you will have two delicious King Cakes to take home!

Instructor: Chef Robin Pate

Ages: 7-14

Join chef duo, Michael and Stephanie Paoletti, for an intimate brunch demo highlighting basic techniques of egg cookery, and preparation of some of the most popular brunch dishes, with a twist. Including mimosas and beer, this class is full of energy and hands down the best brunch on the Coast!


February 3rd (Super Bowl Sunday)

Starter- Deviled eggs and Mimosas
First Course- Perfect Scrambled Eggs With Caviar
Second Course- Breakfast Flatbread
Third Course- Gumbo Gravy over Dirty Grits
Fourth Course- Affogato with chocolate sorbet and mint ice cream

February 24th

Starter- Deviled eggs and Mimosas
First Course- Lox on Bagel
Second Course- French Toast w/ seasonal toppings
Third Course- Blue Crab Quiche w/ arugula salad
Fourth Course- Citrus stuffed crepes

Instructor: Chefs Michael and Stephanie Paoletti

Come and take a culinary journey through the history of Japanese sushi with Michael Paoletti of Food, Booze & Hiccups. Learn the proper methods of sushi rice making, as well as the significance of the ingredients used by the Japanese in sushi making. Let Michael guide you through the basics of rolling sushi, while you create your own types of rolls filled with your favorite ingredients.


Sushi Rice
Nigiri Sushi / Gunkan
Maki Sushi- California Roll, Inside out California roll, spicy salmon roll, build your own
Dessert Sushi- Crab and honey
Sauces- Miso mayo, Ponzu, and Yum Yum sauce

Instructor: Chef Michael Paoletti


Come break bread with chef duo, Michael and Stephanie Paoletti, as they give you a hands-on experience to bake a variety of types of bread. From your basic dinner roll to a loaf of bread for sandwiches, this class will make you the hero of lunches with flavor-packed bread that will surely impress. Techniques of kneading, weighing, shaping, and baking bread will be taught, and there will be plenty left to take home to break bread with your loved ones.

Instructor: Chef Michael and Stephanie Paoletti

Registration Deadline: February 28th

Meat and cheese boards have become a staple on many restaurant menus and are the perfect entertaining plate, as well as a way to try different types of meats and cheeses. Coming to the United States from Europe, we have jumped on the charcuterie train and are being more creative than ever with how to design a board.  Join Michael Paoletti of Food, Booze & Hiccups as he describes the types of meats, cheeses, pickles, fruits, jams, and more that can be added to your charcuterie board. He will teach you how to pair each meat with accouterments that balance, all while creating a beautiful display for all to enjoy. Please bring with your board or platter that you would like to build your charcuterie board on to bring home. 

Instructor: Chef Michael Paoletti

Registration Deadline: March 5th

Come dine, make pasta with friends and enjoy the vino! 


Italian Wedge Salad
Linguine w/ Shrimp Puttanesca
Chicken Artichoke Florentine Ravioli
Brownie Biscotti
Cafe Latte
**Includes wine

Instructor: Chef Robin Pate

Registration Deadline: March 14th

Following the huge success of last summer's community benefit radio revival production of “The Whistler”, The NOLA Voice Talent Foundation's Gulf Coast Nights Radio Theater is delighted to announce “The Whistler Returns,” on Friday and Saturday, March 22nd and 23rd, 2019, at The Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs.

Be part of the audience to watch radio-theater revived LIVE on-stage, in this radio-play re-enactment of three exciting episodes from the 40’s and 50’s radio drama series "The Whistler,” which include “The Whistler Returns to Riondo” and “Letter from Cynthia,” with a bonus episode titled,  “Dick Tracy and  The Case of The Big Top Murders.”

Starring Karen Abernathy, Stephanie Maxwell, Danette Pilon, Michael Frome, David Slatten, Wayne Stephens, Jonathan Brannan, & Natalie Breland.