Guided Walk into the Swamps

17116 Monroe St, Pearlington, MS 39572
(228) 342-2958

I invite you to walk with Gulf Coast Eco Tour and explore the swamps for a once in a lifetime adventure like never before.

Our guided tour is for nature enthusiasts and wanderers of all activity levels! No worries, we will be on a board walk path, walking through the swamps, of the East Pearl River. If we decide to wander a little further, the board walk turns into a well maintained dirt path. We will visit a few historical sites, and and see nature up close and personal with its unique vegetation, and home to the Cypress Tree. Walk through the swamps with Gulf Coast Eco upfront and personal, while viewing wetlands and learning about conservation.

While we have a good view of the vegetation, we may not have a birds eye view of the migratory birds of the area. If your looking for birds and perhaps alligators, you may want to add the boat ride into your itinerary.