D'Iberville Town Clock

Central Avenue, D'Iberville, MS 39540
(228) 392-7966

The most familiar landmark in D’Iberville is the Town Clock. It is the centerpiece of the town and is truly the very heart of the community. This beautiful four-faced town clock stands tall upon a three-tiered granite base.

Town clocks were common and played an important role in the life of early American towns. The manufacture of clocks became a thriving industry in the 14th and 15th centuries. Every town soon had to have its own. Today you can still find many of these giant clocks in town centers and other important meeting spots. Town clocks are works of art in and of themselves and are considered recognizable landmarks. They aim to stimulate visitors to think about time, both in American history and in their own lives!

Come and Relax on the benches placed around this picturesque old time clock and watch time fly by in downtown D’Iberville!