Crosby Arboretum

370 Ridge Road

MS State Extension Service

Picayune, MS 39466

Phone: (601) 799-2311

The 104-acre Native Plant Center of The Crosby Arboretum serves as the focus of Arboretum activities and development. It includes the Pinecote Pavilion (The Pinecote Pavilion and the many wooden bridges were designed by award-winning architect Fay Jones, of Fayetteville, Arkansas) and the Piney Woods Lake for display of native water plants in their natural setting.  The Arboretum protects and manages several lovely pitcher plant bogs both on site and within the natural areas. Edible, poisonous, and aromatic plants, are found at the Arboretum. As the seasons unfold their splendor, the Arboretum provides a clear, unobstructed view of the variety and beauty of our natural resources. More than attractive features of our landscape, plants are an integral part of the environment we inhabit.

Self-guided tours are available Wednesday through Sunday from 9am to 5pm. Staff-guided tours are available by reservation Wednesday through Sunday between 9am to 5pm. Please reserve your guided tour at least 2 weeks prior to your visit. A maximum of 75 people and a minimum of 5 are required.

  • Crosby Arboretum

  • Oct 7, 2017

Learn to design low-care landscapes, save money, and reduce labor and energy needs. Build healthy soils, recycle yard waste and rainwater, and increase your yard’s biodiversity. Learn drought-tolerant, attractive native plant species to reduce your maintenance needs, with Pearl River County Extension Agent
Dr. Eddie Smith and Arboretum Director Pat Drackett.
Members free, non-members $7. Reservations requested.

  • Crosby Arboretum

  • Oct 14, 2017

EARTH COLORS refer to pigments found in nature, and may come from soil, leaves, bark, berries, flowers, mushrooms or mineral deposits.  Workshop participants will learn to identify, collect and experiment with plant and mineral materials as artistic media. Natural materials will be observed, gathered and sketched for visual ideas and elements that reflect a sense of place. Robin will demonstrate ways to extract color and texture from a variety of materials, and supplement what is gathered with other natural colors. Students will experiment with materials collected on the Arboretum grounds, and learn processes of extraction and development of a color and texture palette.

Please register early; space is limited to 20 persons.

  • Crosby Arboretum

  • Oct 21, 2017 - Oct 22, 2017

Grab a cart and choose from a great selection of native trees, shrubs, and perennials at our Fall Plant Sale. Knowledgeable staff and volunteers will be on hand to assist with plant questions and offer advice on plant selection for your site. Sale held in Greenhouse area; use Service Road entrance.

  • Crosby Arboretum

  • Nov 11, 2017

When writers use nature as part of the story, they add a deeper dimension of heart and meaning to the work. Yet, nature is more than listing the flora and fauna around the scene. Whether you write poetry, fiction or nonfiction, you’ll find many opportunities to incorporate the beauty and drama of nature into your work.

Bring nature (and your writing) to life with a few simple techniques. Author and trainer Mary Beth Magee shares tips and exercises to help you find your voice in nature. Session includes a plus: an hour of free writing time with feedback available. You’ll perk up your writing and perhaps find a whole new topic to cover when you attend this workshop! Reservations required.

  • Crosby Arboretum

  • Nov 11, 2017

Enjoy a fall field walk around the Arboretum grounds to learn about our native shrubs and trees, tips to identify them, their role in history and culture, and ways to use them in your home landscape Arboretum Director Pat Drackett.

Reservations requested.

  • Crosby Arboretum

  • Nov 18, 2017

Celebrate the early days of the Piney Woods! Enjoy performances, exhibits, and demonstrations of traditional skills such as blacksmithing, quilting, spinning, basket-making, and more.