Center Stage

2670 Rue Palafox

Biloxi, MS 39531

Phone: (228) 388-6258

Center Stage is a live theater that has been entertaining Mississippi’s Gulf Coast for over 30 years. With a year round schedule, Center Stage features an array of popular musicals, dramas, comedies and children’s productions. Visit the theater’s web site to find out about upcoming productions.

  • Center Stage Theatre

  • Sep 14, 2017 - Sep 24, 2017

Meet Eugene, a naïve army recruit looking for action (but not the battle kind) in Neil Simon’s hilarious comedy about boot camp in Mississippi during WWII. Expecting the army to be dolls and USO dances, he instead encounters a sadistic drill sergeant and a platoon of uncouth and often hostile recruits. Armed with only his journal and a sense of humor, Eugene is determined to leave camp with everything he came in with, except his virginity.

Note: this show has barracks room language.