Mississippi Renaissance Festival

15321 County Farm Rd, MS 39503
(864) 386-9963
  • Presented By: Mississippi Renaissance Festival
  • Dates: October 14, 2022 - October 16, 2022
  • Recurrence: Recurring daily
  • Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Price: Adults - 15$; Kids (7-16) - 8$; Kids (6 and under) - Free; Discounts and School Group Rates available on the Web

Between the realm of legends and myths lies the land of Fairy Tales. The world where Good and Evil is easily defined, Knights always conquer the Dragon, and Damsels never stay in distress.

That is not our World.

But it could be.

We strive to bring the Myths and Legends to life. To learn why men, who seem bigger than life, made the decisions they did and fought for the causes that defined them. We pray to the Gods of Old that we can learn from their mistakes while honoring their sacrifices in order to redefine our World. We strive to bring the Past to the Present and Fairy Tales back to Life.

At the Mississippi Renaissance Festival you have the opportunity to explore the Year of Our Lord 1306. A year where King Edward I, "the Hammer of the Scots", was leading the charge in subduing Scotland. You can choose to join King Edward I in retaliation for the uprising of the Scottish or choose to stand beside Robert The Bruce as he took a stand to defend his country. In a world of allegiances you could even unite with the Viking King Haakon V Magnusson in his promise to assist the people of Alba (Scotland). The choice is yours.

While standing and fighting for your House we offer the chance to travel through time and culture. We have three distinct Town Markets that offer your favorite Renaissance Faire food from feasts fit for Royalty to delectable desserts, live bands and singers, bellydancers, traveling troupes of Magicians and Acrobats, Romani Fortune Tellers, and multiple stages filled with Bards, Dancers, and live Tournaments. Each Market features their own Pub with Drinks unique to them.

We offer Kid Friendly activities and shops, from a Dragon Quest to help your chosen House win the Battle that day to a Mermaid Tea Party with some of our favorite Mermaids. We have a child friendly Tournament Field where your Warrior can spar with Knights of the Realm and a Grimm's Forest Adventure where they can meet the Fairy Tale Foes and live to tell the story.

While you are traveling through time and cultures you have the chance to encounter the wildest bunch of Pirate's known down Pirate Alley in our Tortuga Port. Join them for their stage performances, music, and pirated drinks.

History has never been so immersive, comprehensive, and exciting as here with us at the Mississippi Renaissance Festival. Together we will find that place between Legends and Myth and bring our Fairy Tales to Life.

**The MS Ren Fest is an educationally based non-profit that offers an immersive historical foundation which our educators can use to assist their students who struggle to learn non-tangible subjects as easily in a traditional classroom. We offer hands on live demos that our guests can participate in from smithy's and woodworkers to weavers, gardeners, and cooks. We are an inclusive festival that caters specifically to our Autism Spectrum Guests through various integrated opportunities such as our Safe Havens throughout each Towne, color coordinated Towns to assist with our younger and non-verbal guests, Local Food with set menus that can be found on our website for our guests to pre-plan as needed, and an entertainment schedule to help assist with the inherent noise levels and distractions. Our Dragon Guard is available throughout the Festival in easily identifiable shirts to assist with anything needed including any medical emergency that may arise. As well our Entertainers and Vendors have a heart for education and are more than happy to help explain and assist as they can in their areas of expertise.

To learn more about who we are and what we do check out msrenfest.com. Make sure to follow us for our updates and announcements that happen first at facebook.com/msrenfest.