Jr. Chef Camp

Fundamentals of Baking


Throughout the duration of the week, the Jr. Chefs will learn the basic methods of baking including the biscuit method, the muffin method, and the creaming method. They will then use these methods to make items such as cookies, pies, quick breads, and tarts.

7/29: Muffin Method- Seasonal Fruit Muffin, Cornbread, and Chocolate Cupcake

7/30: Biscuit Method- Biscuit and Seasonal Fruit Scone

7/31: Creaming Method- Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pound Cake, and Fudge Brownie

8/1: Mississippi Mud Pie, Seasonal Fruit Tart, and Banana Bread

8/2: Family Showcase

Jr. Chef Camp
  • July 29, 2019 to July 29, 2019
  • Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education
  • $210 members, $235 non-members (Includes Jr. Chef Apron)