Jr. Chef Camp

Explore Different Cuisines


Throughout the week we will explore different cuisines from different countries such as Italian, French, Asian, and American. The Jr. Chefs will learn what makes each cuisine different and learn staple ingredients to go along with each country. The Jr. Chefs will then take what they learned and cook dishes native to the different countries.

7/22: American- Cheeseburger and French Fries

7/23: Italian- Homemade Pasta Noodles and Pesto

7/24: French- Roast Chicken, Truffle Potatoes, and Ratatouille

7/25: Chinese- Sesame Glazed Chicken and Fried Rice

7/26: Mexican- Tacos el Pastor and Beans and Rice

Jr. Chef Camp
  • July 22, 2019 to July 22, 2019
  • Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts & Education
  • $210 members, $235 non-members (Includes Jr. Chef Apron)