American Blonde

814 Howard Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530
(228) 910-6600
  • Dates: August 26, 2022
  • Time: 8pm
  • Price: Presale $25, Day of $30

From childhood to adulthood, from trio to duo; from being Southern Halo to becoming American Blonde, the Morris sisters have stuck together through thick and thin. With the rebranding, they are casting off any preconceived notions as to who they should be and are fully embracing who they are - a powerhouse of talent; invigorated, motivated and fully realized.

There were several catalysts behind this transformation, but the process was jump-started when Hannah, the youngest, decided to leave the then-trio, Southern Halo, to return to formal studies. Nata and Tinka took time to reassess their commitment to the band and what they wanted for their futures. “

Whether it’s the steamy, wildcat abandon found in the voodoo-beat, bad boy draw of “Somethin’ In The Water,” the surprising guitar-shredding, dueling vocals found in the loveless wasteland of “Hurricane,” or the rapturous sweetness of “Blackwater Creek,” the energy is palpable.

“Quicksand,” the duo’s debut radio single from their upcoming project is a bold breakaway for them. The track opens with a deceptively simple intro, then kicks wide-open with electric-shock guitar riffs and pounding percussion. Written by Nata and frequent collaborator Jimmy Nash, the record features the fresh “live” sound that is distinctly American Blonde.

As children of the Mississippi Delta, the siblings were raised surrounded by the Blues-oriented music of the region. The sounds of The Eagles, B.B. King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, Elvis, Stevie Nicks and more echoed throughout their home, and the extensive live music scene drew them like magnets to festivals, fairs and fish fries where music was front and center.

General Admission seating is limited, first come first serve. Anyone 18 and under can attend the show accompanied by an adult (must purchase ticket).