Pier at Sunset

A Gulf of Options: Your Dining Guide

As a coastal destination, the abundance of seafood is seenin the likes of fish, crab, shrimp, and oysters provided in droves by the generous freshwater tributaries of the Mississippi River and the salty waters of the generous Gulf of Mexico. The seafood industry plays an integral role in our regional cuisine, with over 200 species of fish and nationally recognized oyster and domestic shrimp industries. But the tri-county region of Coastal Mississippi also boasts layers of flavor and influence distilled from the international communities who call its 62 miles of coastline home. Plus, our restaurant scene is a culinary roulette wheel, from fine dining to casual eateries, providing an intriguing pilgrimage for your palate. Discover the diverse restaurant scene that every visitor needs to experience…

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Monthly Events in Coastal Mississippi

We'realways celebrating something in Coastal Mississippi! From First Fridays to Second Saturdays and everything in between, you never have to look very hard to find a good time throughout our twelve coastal communities. As you plan your next escape to The Secret Coast, we've rounded up some of our favorite monthly events to keep your calendars full and your sense of discovery fulfilled…

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