Pier at Sunset

Life's a Picnic in Coastal Mississippi

Coastal Mississippi offers no shortage of scenic sights and culinary delights, so why not enjoy both at the same time? Whether you're packing a lunch or sampling our delicious coastal cuisine, spread out along our 62 miles of breathtaking shoreline for an open-air dining experience you won't soon forget.From luxurious beachfront options to downtown greens and everything in between, come see for yourself why life's a picnic in Coastal Mississippi…

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Monthly Events in Coastal Mississippi

We'realways celebrating something in Coastal Mississippi! From First Fridays to Second Saturdays and everything in between, you never have to look very hard to find a good time throughout our twelve coastal communities. As you plan your next escape to The Secret Coast, we've rounded up some of our favorite monthly events to keep your calendars full and your sense of discovery fulfilled…

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Celebrate National Shrimp Day in Coastal Mississippi

National Shrimp Day is May 10, and what better way to celebrate this bountiful delicacy than with a visit to what was once known as the seafood capital of the world ! Coastal Mississippi’s history, culture, and communities truly revolve around the Gulf of Mexico and its maritime and seafood industry. The Gulf Coast region produces 69% of the nation’s domestic shrimp, and 90% of species in the Gulf of Mexico nest in the Mississippi Sound. Where once stood rows of seafood processing plants and boat building facilities surrounded by endless mountains of oyster shells, you will now see attractions, excursions, and restaurants offering an opportunity to discover and devour The Secret Coast’s deep-rooted history with seafood…

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