Before you and your friends or family make a trip down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, you should especially look forward to one thing: OYSTERS! 

You won't hear southerners bragging too often, as it's just not really our style. But food is the one thing you might hear us brag about from time to time, because we know it's that good. Among the many culinary options that we on the Mississippi Gulf Coast have mastered are oysters. Raw, fried, grilled... You name it and we can do it. So we've put together a small list of some of the best restaurants along the Coast where you and yours can find these delicious delicacies!

Half Shell Oyster House

For the chargrilled oyster lovers out there, look no further than one of the three Half Shell locations on the Coast. Their award-winning "Oysters Orleans" are charbroiled over an open flame, basted with a New Orleans-style smokey Cajun sauce and are to die for! However if you feel like having yours grilled with crab, shrimp and bacon, or spinach, cheese and herbs, go for the Bienville or Rockefeller oysters, because you simply can't go wrong!

Half Shell

Mikey's on the Bayou

Arguably the best bang for your buck on the Coast when it comes to oysters, Mikey's on the Bayou is located in Ocean Springs and serves up raw oysters for only $7 per dozen during the season. Their homemade cocktail sauce is also considered by many to be the best around! Side note: the onion rings at Mikey's are the real deal, and the staff is always willing to work with any dietary restrictions you may have!


Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar

If you've been to New Orleans, you've probably been told to go to Felix's Oyster Bar, and for good reason, because they just might have the best oysters in the city. So when they decided to open a second location, the clearly wanted it to be somewhere with oysters just as fresh as theirs and where people would appreciate them as much as New Orleanians, hence their decision to pick the Coast! Felix's is located right across from the beach on Highway 90 in Gulfport, and the view from its deck is unparalleled. The pairing of the amazing view along with the delightful Buffalo-style oysters gives Felix's a uniqueness that makes it a must-try when visiting the Coast.


Bozo's Seafood Market & Deli

A bozo is exactly what you'll be if you don't try this place when craving fried oysters or a fried oyster po-boy. It truly doesn't get better than ordering your seafood lunch or dinner directly from a seafood market! Bozo's is located in downtown Pascagoula and has been a staple among locals for years. And the best thing about this place is that once you're done with your lunch, you can buy even more seafood to take with you!


Remember, this is just brief rundown of great oyster spots on the Coast, and you really can't go wrong with any place down here, because the Gulf may as well be our backyard.  After all, we did name our minor league baseball team the Biloxi Shuckers!