If you ask 100 different people who have spent time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast or are from here, "What's the Coast like," you might get 100 different answers. For anyone that vacationed here P.C. (pre-casinos), the Mississippi Gulf Coast probably looks drastically different nowadays. For Millennials and people who haven't been coming here for as long, the casino and nightlife scene might be all they know!

While it's true that the landscape of the Coast is much different than it was in 1992 when the law passed to allow gaming in Mississippi, it's also true that sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same! We're still known for our first-class hospitality, our mouthwatering seafood and our beautiful beaches. However, the beaches, some of those famous seafood restaurants and other amenities look very different than they did a few decades ago!

For instance, the beaches all along the Coast used to have seawalls: 

Now they look like this!


Ship Island has stood the test of time, but the lighthouse out there no longer served much of a purpose, so it's been gone for a few years now! These days, people just love to go there and fish, hang out, and tour Fort Massachusetts! If you think you know a good time, wait until you go to Ship Island on Memorial Day weekend or on the Fourth of July!
Ship Island LighthouseFort Massachusetts

There are also a few restaurants on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that people like your parents and even Ronald Reagan loved that are still going strong! Mary Mahoney's opened in 1964 and might be the most famous seafood restaurant in the South, and it's as popular as it ever was! Men from the area in the 50-65 age range might tell you about them taking their prom dates to White Pillars and how amazing it was. Well, White Pillars has just re-opened under new management for the first time in over 20 years, and the food is amazing! 

White PillarsWhite Pillars 2

The point we're trying to make is that while we're still known for what we've always been known for (with the addition of our immaculate casino resorts), the Mississippi Gulf Coast has grown for the better and will continue to do so. You won't find better adventures, fishing, seafood or just plain fun anywhere around!