A picture is worth a thousand words, and with its stunning natural beauty, picturesque views, and intriguing vantage points, The Secret Coast has an abundance of imagery that could tell a never-ending story. 

We asked photography experts and enthusiasts to share their favorite (secret) photography spots in Coastal Mississippi and now we’re going to share them with you, because we’re pretty sure you can keep a secret too…

Eddie Robinson www.robinsonphotofilm.com :

This location is along the Back Bay and directly behind the Old Brick House in Biloxi. It is one of the best opportunities to photograph the large offshore shrimping vessels up close. With a stop at this location visitors will see one of the oldest homes in Biloxi, a 500-year-old oak tree that is located on the grounds, the Back Bay and of course these beautiful boats. There are endless opportunities for great photos here. 

Back Bay Biloxi - Eddie Robinson

Karen Gilder (www.karengilderimages.com):

This shot is from the Biloxi Small Craft Harbor. I went at sunrise to sit and watch for birds flying by between the Harbor and Deer Island across the water. There was a great fog that had settled in, and I loved the color of the boat that set it apart from all the other boats. It looks as if this image has been colorized, but I promise it’s not.

P.S. Don’t tell anyone, but straight across the channel on the island is an eagle’s nest. Swoon…

Biloxi Small Craft Harbor - Karen Gilder

Pamela Rupert:

Merlin Necaise Boat Ramp, Harrison County. I love to come to this spot and just take in the wonder of our blessed coast. Reminding me to offer up reflection and prayer over such a lovely place to call home. I can find such peace here along with calm coastal breezes and spectacular sunsets! Love our place we call our Mississippi home!

Sunset Landing Pass Christian - Pamela Rupert

Charles McCool (www.mccooltravel.com):

The remarkable, phenomenal, and magical Secret Coast sunsets are amazing from pretty much anywhere along the 62 mile Coastal Mississippi shoreline but adding an element to the horizon often results in more interesting photographs. One top secret spot is Plummer Point, on the Ocean Springs side of the Biloxi Bay Bridge, with the railroad bridge as an object of scale. Park in the small lot for the Ocean Springs Fishing Pier and pick a setting or two along the beach and snap away!

Plummer Point Ocean Springs - Charles McCool

Matthew Sugar:

The Beach Park Fishing Pier, Pascagoula MS

Catching the light and lining up the shot aren't nearly as important as enjoying the serenity of the location.  I love bringing my kids to this pier early in the morning and watching the sunrise over the calm waters.

Beach Park Fishing Pier Pascagoula - Matthew Sugar

Melinda Winner:

Popp’s Ferry Causeway Park, Biloxi

I find something so relaxing just listening to the water hit the rocks and the sounds of the cars going over the bridge in the distance. Most people don’t walk down around the broken boardwalks. That allows for peace and quiet. I have taken many photographs of my grandson there and food photography. My favorite however is just photographs of the scenery. It’s a very tranquil hidden gem.

Popps Ferry Causeway Park - Melinda Winner

Gary Herritz:

I'm partial to IG Levy in Pascagoula. It's a spot that, with some patience, there are beautiful photos to be had.

Juvenile Blue Heron on IG Levy Pascagoula - Gary Herritz

Bill Wedgeworth:

I like to take pictures on the Back Bay in D’Iberville at the park near the I-110 Bridge.

Back Bay D'Iberville - Bill Wedgeworth

Sonny Schindler:

Cat island is such a special place. It’s very diverse, with forests, swamps, beaches and history. The birds, fish and other wildlife make it an unbelievable location for numerous photographic opportunities.

Cat Island Drone - Sonny Schindler

William Lee:

One of my favorite photography locations for the summer sunrises is a little bait shop / boat launch called CC's in Pascagoula.

CC's Bait Shop Pascagoula - William Lee

Jim Treadway:

Pointe Park Amphitheater in Pascagoula is a fabulous spot to photograph wildlife, fishing vessels, sunsets, astronomical events, and more. 

Pascagoula Point Park Amphitheater - Jim Treadway

Chris Walters:

Cat Island is a barrier island located 8 miles offshore. It’s roughly 2000 acres with a mixture of pines, oaks and salt marsh. It is the most densely vegetated barrier island along the gulf coast which makes it perfect for wildlife watching and landscape photography. The island hosts many migratory birds throughout the spring and summer months as nesting grounds or just a place to refuel and rest before continuing their journey. It is also home to many resident birds such as osprey, bald eagles and the many types of shore birds. The opportunity to photograph beautiful scenery and wildlife is only a short boat ride from the mainland. My best advice to those who wish to come out and enjoy the island would to be sure to bring long sleeves and long pants when exploring the island and pack plenty of water and bug spray!  

Deer Island - Chris Walters

Becka Treadway:

Pointe Park, Pascagoula

Pascagoula Point Park - Becka Treadway

George Perina:

Gator Ranch, Moss Point

Moss Point Gator Ranch - George Perina

Tina Smith:

Downtown Biloxi - Taken during Christmas... A really nice stroll after a long day...

Downtown Biloxi - Tina Smith

Douglas H. Smith:

Pass Christian Harbor – shot with a controlled shutter

Pass Christian Harbor at night - Douglas H. Smith

Rich Kopp:

This is shot from the top of the Hard Rock parking garage. Be sure to have a good tripod to shoot this early in the morning. This is where bracketing comes in.

Flashback Biloxi - Rich Kopp

Al Gruzdis:

This picture was taken at the boat dock on Henderson Road in Pass Christian on the Wolf River. No filters or editing.

Boat Dock on Wolf River Pass Christian - Al Gruzdis

Tony Sawyer:

Popp’s Ferry Causeway Park

Popps Ferry Causeway Park - Melinda Winner

Laura Halat (Laura Halat Photography):

One of my favorite spots to shoot which may not be known to others is the Vieaux Marché in Downtown Biloxi. I love shooting here because it is such a historical part of Biloxi and really just has that old home town feeling. There are many places around to grab the perfect image. Like this one I took on one of the porches of a storefront. I have rarely seen any photographers actually shoot here, and I wonder if most people even really know about it. I think that’s what makes this a great secret spot that’s perfect for capturing beautiful images. 

Laura Halat

Chris Nichols:

Biloxi Bay aboard the Betsy Ann Riverboat

Biloxi Bay on the Betsy Ann - Chris Nichols

Shannadoa Williams:

The pier at Jones Park in Gulfport, by the fishing bait store

Pier at Jones Park - Shannadoa Williams

Andrew Tutor:

My favorite photography spot is at James Hill Bayou walk located in Gulfport. Here you can find beautiful scenery and local wildlife including cranes, seagulls, fish, crawfish, and alligators. There is also a nearby trail and kayak launch ramp. 

James Hill Bayou Gulfport - Andrew Tutor

Karen H. Dawson:

I took these pictures at Pointe Park in Pascagoula. During COVID, I spent a lot of time at Pointe Park because it gave me a sense of peace and serenity during troubling times. I just wanted to capture the beauty of nature as a reminder that God provides.

Pointe Park Pascagoula - Karen H Dawson

Kim Herndon:

Biloxi Beach at sunset

Biloxi Beach Pelican Sunset - Kim Herndon

Adrian LaBorde:

I like to go to East Beach in Ocean Springs. The docks and water make for some nice photos! My dalmatian Bindi likes it too.

East Beach Ocean Springs - Adrian LaBorde

Declan McElroy:

The photo was taken at my favorite spot, which is Point Park Pascagoula. I love this spot because of the hidden diversity that can be found. My “pro-tip” for this spot is to look closely into the tall grass. There is a wide variety of amazing critters that can be found hiding in that area. I would also recommend plenty of patience due to the quick, skittish nature of these animals.

Point Park Pascagoula - Declan McElroy