How many marathons have you competed in?

A lot.  

  • 5-6 half marathons

  • 2 50k's

  • 2 full marathons

  • 4 Ironmans (marathon at the end)

  • 12 half Ironmans (half marathon at the end)


What has been your favorite marathon so far?

The OSAKA marathon, Ironman Boulder and Ironman Chattanooga


What makes a destination fitting for a marathon?

The course, the attractions and amenities, the post-race party and activities. I also always ask ‘can I take my family?’ and if I do, will they have something to do before, during and after the race.


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What about the Mississippi Gulf Coast will make it a good spot for a marathon?

The course, ample hotels and amenities and the community embrace.  


How do you get amped for a marathon?  

I feed off of the crowd.  I also like some good music and black coffee or red bull pre-race.


What do you do to celebrate completing a marathon?

Cold beer and comparing war stories from the day with friends.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a spectator do?

I ran the Osaka Marathon in 2010.  It was like running on Mars.  Full costumes, groups of people dressed in matching costumes and themes, people stopping to smoke on course, spectators in speedos, etc.  It was awesome!


What is your favorite thing about the Mississippi Gulf Coast? What makes it different?

I love how things slow down when I get here.  I'm not sure what it is, but it's like I immediately relax.  It's also a piece of nostalgia as I grew up here, and I love that feeling.  I grew up on the water and you can't replace that feeling of coming home.