How many marathons have you competed in?

Funny - I have run socially and enjoyed three marathons - I have not ‘competed’ for any age group awards.

  • Marine Corps 2013 before Hurricane Sandy

  • Marine Corps 2015 with Ainsley’s Angels pushing with Team Jena

  • New York Marathon 2015 - week after MCM

What has been your favorite marathon so far?

Toss Up tie between the two:

  • New York Marathon was fun because it was all about the course, the crowds, the cheering.

  • Marine Corps was organized well and it was all about the marines and Washington DC

I can’t wait to run in Boston, Chicago, London and Berlin.


What makes a destination fitting for a marathon?

Local support: It’s great to arrive at a location and see signage on businesses, taxi drivers who know about the race, welcome messages at hotels, and a crowd of spectators for the event.


marathon logo

What about the Mississippi Gulf Coast will make it a good spot for a marathon?

So many things: beautiful view, plenty of accommodations, a flat, fast course, great winter weather compared to north of the Mason Dixon and a big city production with a small town feel


How do you get amped for a marathon?

Honestly, copious amounts of fresh juice, craft beer, sleep the week of. I may re-read a few chapters of Born to Run or Natural Born Heroes (call me a dork). I also love the excitement of the crowds before and during the race.


What do you do to celebrate completing a marathon?

Right after race - hugs and beers and selfies with hugs and beers

That night- milkshake!


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a spectator do?

I saw someone run a block to give a runner a jello shot that was dropped in the initial pass while dressed like a bunny rabbit in a full mascot suit.


What is your favorite thing about the Mississippi Gulf Coast? What makes it different?

  • The People - everyone is so excited about the event and the excitement is intoxicating

  • The Place – it has beautiful historic areas, and a lot of new constructions that’s fun to see

  • The Course – it’s going to be fast!