Pier at Sunset

New Year's Resolutions: Make New Friends

You may have decided that thisis the year to branch out and do something outside of your comfort zone. Maybe you would like your inner social butterfly to shine and make new friends. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is the perfect place for you to get out there and meet some folks. We have the best ways to help you make connections on your trip to South Mississippi…

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New Year's Resolutions: Less Screen Time

Image: Jeff Wilkinson The New Yearis calling… It wants you to stop staring at your screen and live a little on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Yes, we realize the irony as you’re reading this on a phone, tablet, or other device. This year resolve to get rid of the distractions of technology a little and wind down to experience the world around you because in South Mississippi, there’s a whole lot of world to experience…

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New Year's Resolutions: Eat Better

This year is the perfect year for you to take control of your diet. You’ve probably already made plans to eat better this year, and eat better you will on the Mississippi Gulf Coast!Imagine, if you will, a plate piled high with steaming boiled shrimp fresh off the boat and straight out of the pot, or Hollandaise sauce cascading down the side of a pair of crab cakes. Or how about a massive bowl of gumbo over rice with a slice of freshly baked French bread? We could go on, but we know your mouth is already watering…

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