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Author: Patrick Clay

When vacation-goers visit Coastal Mississippi, they come for the scenic shorelines and stay for the relaxed lifestyle - and the same can be said about Hollywood filmmakers!

For generations, The Secret Coast has provided a picture-perfect backdrop to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. We all know you’re always looking for the next thing to watch, so pop that popcorn, fire up your favorite streaming device, and dive on in to the Binge-Watcher’s Guide to Coastal Mississippi!

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, Biloxi Shuckers baseball is back!

Fresh off a second consecutive trip to the Southern League Championship Series, the Shuckers are ready to bring another unforgettable season of professional baseball to Coastal Mississippi! Serving as the Double-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers, the Shuckers offer high-quality baseball and endless family fun in equal measure every time you set foot in MGM Park

As the Shuckers enjoy their fifth season of play here on The Secret Coast, we asked members of the front office to share what they like most about Coastal Mississippi, as well as insider tips to maximize your night out at the ballpark! 

Real towns. Real People. Real Vacation. 62 miles of beautiful coastline means a multitude of coastal communities to explore, each with a unique charm and character of their own.

From beachfront views and local brews to picture-perfect sunset hues, every stop along Coastal Mississippi offers an unforgettable experience no matter how long your stay. Come live like the locals and get in on our big secret - The Secret Coast, that is.

Closer than you think, better than you hoped. A world of mouthwatering flavors in your own backyard. Coastal Mississippi offers a delicious discovery for every palate on every budget. 

Home to a city once known as the seafood capital of the world, our cuisine offers much more than meets the eye. Don’t worry, we know our way around a crawfish boil as well as we do a heaping pile of oysters. But with a culinary scene offering international eats, BBQ and everything in between, The Secret Coast lets you chow down on comfort food or venture out of your comfort zone. Come see Coastal Mississippi for yourself.

From March 23-29, the eyes of the professional golfing world will fall on The Secret Coast, as Fallen Oak plays host to the 11th annual Rapiscan Systems Classic presented by Coastal Mississippi.

The three-day PGA Tour Champions event is a must-see competition (featuring FREE admission compliments of Coca-Cola), as some of the greatest golfers in the history of the sport battle it out in our own backyard! For those avid golfers looking to play where the pros play, you can take a swing at any of our world-renowned courses designed by the greats, but there are endless opportunities to go golfing off the green in Coastal Mississippi as well.

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