Pier at Sunset

Gulf Coast Winter Classics

The Gulf Coast Winter Classics Horse Showhas welcomed horses and riders to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the last 18 years. This series of hunter and jumper events last for six weeks, Wednesday through Sunday each week…

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Smoked Tuna Dip Trail

I was recently asked where “home is.” My answer is not complicated, but neither is it simple.  My father was in the Petrochemical industry all of my youth, so we traveled, a lot.  New Jersey, St. Louis, Baton Rouge and Switzerland, to name some of our “homes.”  Then I chose to live in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, Louisiana again for college and career.  The best part of these travels is that I learned a sense of adventure.  And I learned a sense of local cuisine.  We all have our indigenous and inherited local recipes and favorites.  In my first few visits to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I realized that Smoked Tuna Dip is one of the local favorites…

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