S02E14: Talking Award Winning BBQ at The Shed BBQ

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There is just something about the phrase “award winning BBQ.” BBQ is some serious business. I’ve seen national competitions on the Travel Channel and always admired the patience that comes from making good BBQ. Sitting down with an award winning BBQ master, in of all places, Mississippi, was like a dream come true. That’s what happened when we met Brad Orrison of The Shed BBQ in Ocean Springs.

Brad, and his sister Brooke, started The Shed BBQ only about a decade ago. And, even with all of the trials and tribulations that come with operating a restaurant along the Gulf, including being wiped out not only by Hurricane Katrina, but also by fire, they are still standing strong. And, they make a mean BBQ too. And, as I’ve mentioned they, are offering up some award winning BBQ.

We sat down with Brad, with his father, Daddy-O, proudly looking on, to talk BBQ, and all kinds of meat. It’s the first podcast episode we’ve recorded with a five year old pounding on a piano in the background, just as a plate of bacon strips arrive at our table.

A few days after we recorded this food podcast episode, Daddy-O gave us a behind the scenes tour of their Saucery, where they produce hundreds of gallons of award winning BBQ sauce every week. Yeah, I felt just like a Travel Channel host getting this sort of inside scoop.

We also talked abut Brad’s work with Operation BBQ Relief, where he and fellow BBQ masters travel to disaster areas to deliver hot meals to people in need. Just a few days before, he was in Hammond, Louisiana, to serve something like 13,000 meals. He’s even traveled all the way up to New York just after Hurricane Sandy.

Just before we arrived in the Gulf, horrible rains plagued Louisiana, with the Baton Rouge area being hit the hardest. It was a constant topic of discussion, with many people still out of their homes over a month later. Despite this, our experience along the Gulf Coast was incredible. I hope that our readers will visit there and experience the cuisine and the hospitality for themselves. After disasters like this, tourism is more important than ever to keep small businesses alive, and to pump up the economy of the region. If you’re not able to visit, please consider donating to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation or Operation BBQ Relief, to support the relief efforts in the region.

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The Shed BBQ in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

Operation BBQ Relief

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