Pier at Sunset

Welcome to Pass Christian

A city with a long tradition of relaxation

One of the prettiest of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s elegant string of cities and towns, Pass Christian has a colorful history stretching back well before American independence. The story begins in 1699, when the area was first visited by French explorers pleased to find so many oysters. It passed through French, Spanish, and British hands before becoming part of the United States; a skirmish there during the war of 1812 helped delay British troops on the way to the Battle of New Orleans. The city saw a brief battle during the Civil War, but luckily, no serious scraps since then.

Pass Christian’s port and easy access to abundant seafood made it a point of contention for these competing powers, but they were missing the point. This seaside jewel isn’t the place to struggle­—it’s the place to rest. Well before the Civil War, the Pass had developed a reputation as a lovely summer getaway for those in New Orleans with the means to get away. It was a short trip even then, but with today’s fast travel, it’s almost dereliction of duty not to make the quick drive out to this beautiful beach town for an escape. There’s plenty to see and do—but there’s also plenty of nothing to be done, for those who truly need a refreshing, rejuvenating session of intensive beachside relaxation. Every member of the family and every type of traveler can find their place in the long tradition of escaping to Pass Christian for a bit of leisure. Come out to the coast and find yours! Visit passmainstreet.com to start your planning.


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