We have visited hundreds of US Gulf Coast restaurants, bakeries, ice cream shops, breweries, and more to uncover the most iconic and coastal-worthy sweet treats for this US Gulf Coast Dessert Trail.

Many US Gulf Coast beaches features splendid sugar sand, the softest and cleanest beach sand in the world. That sweetness and the US Gulf Coast salt air influence and inspire many remarkable and iconic desserts. Some of our US Gulf Coast Dessert Trail choices are iconic and popular, while some are quirky and hidden gem spots.

Our US Gulf Coast Dessert Trail selections are not always the “best” restaurants in the area but we list reasons why you should make a special effort to visit them on your Gulf Coast trips. The places we selected for the US Gulf Coast Dessert Trail do a stellar job of representing their local Gulf Coast area.

6. Doe’s Eat Place (Biloxi, MS)

Mississippi Mud Cake from Doe’s Eat Place (in Margaritaville Resort Biloxi) is devastatingly amazing. Especially after one of the best steaks in the US.

But you do not have to order one of Doe’s phenomenal filets to enjoy their incredible dessert. Order a piece of Mississippi Mud Cake by itself and enjoy anywhere on the Margaritaville property or even put your feet in the soft, clean Biloxi beach sugar sand while you ohh and ahh while savoring it.


US Gulf Coast Dessert Trail, Mississippi Mud Cake
Mississippi Mud Cake at Doe’s Eat Place, Margaritaville Biloxi

Other desserts and sweet treats to try in Coastal Mississippi:

  • The Creole Creamery in Bay St Louis for New Orleans style ice cream
  • The TatoNut Shop in Ocean Springs for delicious donuts made from potato flour
  • And whatever the current dessert offerings are at Vestige in Ocean Springs and White Pillars in Biloxi.

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