By Libby Ryan - Swirled

The South is chock full of gems, y’all. We’re talking about the cities that stay warm a little longer, where the locals have a dramatic drawl in their accents, and where the architecture will blow you away with its charm. And did we mention the food? While the region can seem a bit intimidating with its breadth and variety, we have some ideas on which city is right for you. Start with a weekend and then move on to the next one.

For Small-Town Fans: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Right on the Gulf of Mexico and not far from New Orleans, you’ll find this town of 10,000 people. It’s a quirky little spot — and resilient, having recovered from Hurricane Katrina — with a restaurant-filled Main Street, art gallery, antique shops and community theater. What more do you need out of a small town? A beach? They have that, too. Try the Mockingbird Cafe on your way to the sand.

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