Raw, fried, grilled or stuffed…oysters are definitely a staple in Mississippi Gulf Coast restaurants. Our juicy, plump gulf oysters are coveted by foodies all around the world and we are so proud to have them available and to support the community of fishermen behind the catch.

Seafood harvested from the Mississippi Sound supports a long linage of fishing families along the coast. Biloxi was once known as the Seafood Capital of the World. The diverse community along the Mississippi Gulf Coast has much to do with emigrants moving here to fish. Today, many of their great, great grandchildren (and beyond) are still in the business. The fisherman here are truly dedicated to the area and their craft.

Oyster Season is Back!

After a season of closure, the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources gave the go-ahead last week for the local harvest of oysters in Mississippi waters to resume. This move was met with much support and enthusiasm from both local fisherman and local restaurants.

We agree with Chef Rob Stinson, owner of multiple restaurants on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, including Biloxi hot spot, The Reef, who said, “It’s unbelievably vital to us as a local business to be able to serve local oysters. I truly believe we have the best seafood in the country right here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and now we can showcase that to locals and tourists alike.”

Chef Camron Ravazi, chef of The Magnolia House by Kelly English says, “It’s always exciting and special when you can tell your guests that the oysters you are serving come right out of the local waters. You always know that the quality is going to be second to none. Being able to support the local economy and fisherman is also one of our main goals at the restaurant.”

We love our Mississippi Gulf oysters and hope that all of you reading will choose some for your next meal!

>> To learn more about the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources and their work, visit their website here. You can also pay a visit to the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum for a history lesson in Mississippi Seafood.

- See more at: http://www.eatmscoast.com/mississippi-opens-oyster-season/#sthash.dholwcVu.dpuf