Corey Christy

Director of Development



Brothers of Craft:

The Art of Peter, Walter and “Mac” Anderson

Exhibition opening Thursday, October 13th

Ocean Springs, September 29, 2016 (Press Release) – On October 13th from 5:30-7:30pm, the Walter Anderson Museum of Art will be hosting the opening reception for our next major exhibit. This exhibition features the three brothers who began the artistic legacy which is today known as Shearwater.  Peter, Walter, and James McConnell, “Mac”, were all talented craftsmen and artists. Throughout this exhibition the three brothers are featured as individuals and as a collective. By displaying their work individually, one is able to discern the interconnectedness of their work. Throughout their lives the three supported, motivated, and worked alongside one another.  Peter, Walter, and “Mac” Anderson were bound by their love of art and love of family, a fact that is demonstrated in their art. Brothers of Craft delves into the personalities of each of the brothers and celebrates their individual and collective genius. This event is free to the public, refreshments and drinks will be available.

***This exhibit will be featured for the Peter Anderson Festival in November and will remain until February 2017.