By: Lisa Evans

Sunrise over the ocean, with poofy gray clouds, a beach to the left, and a highrise in the distance, in Coastal Mississippi.

Coastal Mississippi is a slip of land located between two large neighbors. To the east we have Mobile, AL and to the west we have New Orleans, LA. Many times, people looking for a beautiful area to visit overlook us. I’m here to tell you, it is well worth your time, money and effort to stop in for a few days and experience us for yourself. We have gorgeous scenery, a variety of places to see, and so many things to do in Coastal Mississippi that you can’t go wrong spending a weekend in Coastal Mississippi, or an entire Mississippi Gulf Coast vacation.

Our local tourism board – Coastal Mississippi – as well as anyone living in the area, can tell you. We are the Secret Coast. We have a beautiful coastline and plenty of things to do for all ages, all walks of life and all interest levels.

I am Lisa Evans, and I’m what is known in the south as a “Damn Yankee”. Translation: someone who was not born in the South but has relocated to the area from the northern part of this great country. I could’ve stayed just a Yankee had I returned, but I’ve chosen to remain so there you have it – a damn Yankee. I visited the Coast for the first time in the early 2000’s and fell in love with the area. It took me over 10 years, but I became a resident.

I now have the pleasure of calling this temperate climate, loads of sunshine and fabulous coastal waters my home. I can tell you from personal experience there is nothing so calming and peaceful as walking (or driving) along the beach at the beginning or end of your day.

Due to the Barrier Islands in the Gulf of Mexico, our waters may not be the crystal blue of our neighbors to the east, but we are very thankful for those islands during hurricane season. While they may not stop all the storms (i.e. Katrina), many times they provide that natural barrier that breaks up a storm and lessens the impact on our coastline. Technically, our beaches are located on the Mississippi Sound but as a local, even one branded a damn Yankee, it makes no difference when you are strolling along, enjoying the view and the breeze off the water.

This Coastal Mississippi Guide includes:

  • Getting to the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • Places to Go and Things to Do in Coastal Mississippi
  • Restaurants to Try During Your Weekend in Coastal Mississippi

Getting to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

If you are flying in, choose Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport, and you will land in the heart of Coastal Mississippi. For those who drive, US Route 90 is also known as Beach Boulevard, and it runs along the beach almost the entire length of the Mississippi coast. Interstate 10 runs parallel to Route 90 a bit to the north, and it is the fastest way to get to the area coming from the east or west. Coming from the north, Interstates 49, 55, 59 and 65 all come to an intersection with Interstate 10, so they are the fastest options to come south, then exit onto I-10.

Places to Go and Things to Do in Coastal Mississippi

A blue heron flies low over a broad expanse of water along coastal Mississippi.

If you are a nature lover and outdoorsy type, you have found paradise here on Coastal Mississippi. In addition to the walks along the beach enjoying spectacular sun rises and sunsets, you will see birds of all kinds, such as a Great Blue Heron, waiting patiently to catch his next meal. On any given day, you likely will also see a few terns, gulls, pelicans, ospreys or the magnificent Bald Eagle.


Ship Island

A broad expanse of deep blue water under a blue sky with puffy clouds.