By Bento For Business

March and April suck. How do I know? Tax season. I work with accountants and CPAs every day, and recently you guys have just been…MIA.

But hey! It’s finally, officially over, and I have great news. May is maybe the best time of year to travel in the US, especially if you’re looking for a relaxing holiday (and I bet you are). It’s post-spring break and pre-summer vacation. Crowds are light and lots of spots are offering deals to drum up business.

In other words: it’s the perfect time to get away, recover, and recharge. Here are some great spots that you may not have thought of.

Gulf Coast, MS
Great for: golfers, outdoor enthusiasts, budgeteers, beach bums

Average May Temperature: 76°

If you’re into stretching a dollar (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), Mississippi should be on your travel list. Its Gulf Coast area has everything people love about beaches (boating, fishing, kayaking, etc.) along with pretty much everything else (golfing, casinos, great restaurants). Take a ferry to Ship Island for a low-key day exploring a place that’s probably completely unlike your office.


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