By Dan Gentille - Thrillist

No matter how you define a great cookout, the perfect barbecue always has the same three things: meat, fire, and a delicious drink. Even campfire-style cooking can produce an excellent piece of meat, but there’s no reason your barbecuing equipment needs to date back to the Stone Age. So level up your backyard experience with these 12 premium grilling gear must-haves.

If you cooked it correctly, your meat should stand up without the dousing of outside products. But if you still want a little something extra to amplify that marbling, go for a rub. A pitmaster’s rub is a sacred mixture of salt, pepper, and secrets, but barbecue maven Jess Pryles generously shares hers in her online store. To really turn up the taste, try the Amplify, which somehow boosts umami flavors without the addition of MSG. If you’re looking for sauce instead, take cues from the barbecue grand champions from The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS. They offer seven different sauces and marinades, from Mississippi Gold to the Beef Blaster.

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