by Stefanie Waldek

The different regions of the United States all have their own personalities, and in the South, there’s certainly a flair for the historic, the laid-back, and the grand. Naturally, that makes the area a great place for a relaxing retreat. If you’re looking for historic grandeur while you relax on vacation, look no further than these 10 grand hotels in the South.

6. The White House Hotel, Biloxi, Mississippi

Founded in the 1890s by Gulf Coast lawyer Walter White (no, he was not the inspiration for the fictional character from “Breaking Bad”) and his wife Cora, the White House Hotel in Biloxi had humble beginnings as a boarding house. Mrs. White’s prowess as a proprietress had guests flocking to her home, which she soon expanded into a proper hotel. It quickly became one of the prime resorts along the Gulf Coast. Today it has 76 guest rooms, an outdoor pool, a gym, and a restaurant and bar popular with both guests and locals.


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