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- Southern Living

Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and Yelp has given us some inside scoop on the top destinations in the South. To compile this list, Yelp looked at cities in the South that saw the biggest spike in search traffic during Memorial Day Weekend in 2017. The list of the best places to go is truly top notch, as it includes some of our South’s Best winners for best beaches, prettiest cities, and more. Yelp went above and beyond and even suggested things to see and do and places to eat in these amazing Southern cities and towns.

By Dan Ketchum - USA Today

Mississippi: Bay St. Louis (Cost: From about $60 nightly for lodging): There’s St. Louis, and then there’s Bay St. Louis, which dubs itself “a place apart.” Here, beach life collides with folk art. Catch the Arts Alive event in March, when dozens of artists’ studios collide for a community-enriching arts festival that features local works, live music, theater, literature and lots of food.

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By Stacy Tornio - Fodor's

Bordering lakes and oceans, these protected areas showcase the beauty of America's coasts.

The national seashores and lakeshores across North America are some of the best-kept secrets on public lands. Since the first one was designated in the 1950s, the National Park Service has preserved thousands of acres of coast along the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico. They’re the perfect mix of wildlife, nature, and beach. A National Park pass will get you free entry into all of these, making a

Cat Island Cruiser

May 25, 2018

By Erin Bass - Deep South Magazine

Get the recipe for the official cocktail of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Catherine “Cat” Ryan, bar manager at Bacchus on the Beach in Pass Christian, Mississippi, is responsible for creating the Cat Island Cruiser. She drew inspiration for the drink from the coast’s unique vibe and feel. Ryan manages the Seersucker Bar at Bacchus, and regulars often refer to the outdoor bar as “Cat Island” in honor of their beloved bartender. Cat Island is also the name of one of Mississippi’s barrier island. Ryan created

by Jennifer Campbell - Just Chasing Rabbits

One of the highlights of our trip to the Mississippi Gulf Coast was a trip out into the Mississippi sound, off the coast of Biloxi, with the crew of the Biloxi Shrimping Trip. This informative tour lasts seventy minutes, taking visitors out on the water to learn how shrimp are caught and eventually brought to our dinner tables.

Captains David and Mike are friendly guys, engaging with every passenger, eager to share stories or answer questions. We felt right at home aboard the Sailfish with these

by Jennifer Campbell- Just Chasing Rabbits

For three hours a day, from February to November, the Biloxi Shrimping Trip becomes the Biloxi Fishing Trip. Our shrimping tour returned to shore, and everyone disembarked. The crew changed, and the passengers changed, but the boat remained the same. We would once again sail out on the Sail Fish, but this time, we would get to try our hand at fishing just off of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Getting to watch the sunset during our excursion was just icing on the cake!

The Sail Fish departed the marina

By Jennifer Campbell - Just Chasing Rabbits

Planning any vacation can be a daunting task. Have you gotten recommendations from friends? Will you search social media for the best attractions and food? Do you check out the most popular attractions on Trip Adviser? These are all good options for planning out your itinerary, but we found that the Mississippi Gulf Coast offers several ways to simplify trip planning (or playing it by ear!) for their area. Read on to find four ways to make your Mississippi Gulf Coast trip planning super easy!


By Marisa Spyker - Coastal Living

The sun’s out and the school year isn’t far behind, which means it’s time to get down to some serious travel planning. And while it’s tempting to blow all your dough on an epic five-star getaway, these affordable beachy locales are inviting alternatives. (Bonus: Save money on one vacation and you can put it towards a second escape later on.) U.S. News & World Report recently ranked popular vacation destinations based on traveler appeal and affordability (measured through average hotel costs during the peak

By Jennifer Campbell- Just Chasing Rabbits

After a six (plus) hour drive to the Mississippi Gulf Coast, late on a Thursday night, we arrived at our accommodations and pulled into our very own designated parking spot. It was at this point that we were already fans of the Bay Town Inn, and we hadn’t even gotten out of the car. Of course, it was dark, but we were able to see the buildings painted a very airy blue and the white railings of the front porch. Yes, y’all…our suite had a front porch! Our review of the Bay Town Inn bed and breakfast in

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Mississippi — Davis Bayou Campground, Gulf Islands National Seashore
Come for the bayous, stay for the beach. Visitors spot armadillos and alligators as they explore a pair of bayous via nature trail or paddle trip, then hop a boat ride to uninhabited barrier islands where there’s sun, sand and little else. When you crave more civilization, Ocean Springs has numerous art galleries as well as killer pulled pork at the Shed.

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