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Coastal Mississippi

Also known as Mississippi Gulf Coast or, appropriately, “The Secret Coast”, this 62-mile stretch will be something of a surprise to those who think Mississippi is all blues, barbecues and bayous. This area has a bit of that too, of course, alongside caster-sugar beaches, casinos, golf courses and fishing piers. Idyllic, shell-scattered Ship Island is a short ferry hop away.

Matthew Meltzer

Jul 16, 2019

SOMETIMES, HEADLINES CAN be a little extra.

“No swimming! No seafood! Toxic bacteria afflicting coast causes rashes, diarrhea, vomiting” shouted USA Today after Mississippi closed the waters off its mainland beaches last month.

And while the headline isn’t inaccurate per se, it paints a rather alarmist picture of what’s going on along the Gulf of Mexico.

If you missed it, Mississippi closed the waters of its beaches as the result of an algae bloom from the Mississippi River, which flowed into the Gulf of Mexico in

Mississippi Gulf Coast Hotels

December 18, 2018

Fun Lodging Along the Mississippi Coast

Charles McCool

From cute boutique properties to mega casino resorts, Mississippi Gulf Coast hotels offers a wide range of lodging options to appeal to every visitor. Coastal Mississippi is a convenient New Orleans day trip, to experience gorgeous beaches and fun adventure.

For more information about Coastal Mississippi attractions, please see: Fun Things To Do On The Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Hotels

McCool Travel tip: When making reservations at Coastal Mississippi hotels or calling

by ShermansTravel Editorial Staff

Each year, we choose our top destinations that offer exceptional experiences at an incredible price. From the mountains of Georgia (the country, not the state), to the southern charm of Memphis, here are our top choices.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast

Biloxi, MI/Sean Pavone/iStock

The Gulf Coast of Mississippi, which has 26 miles of white-sand beaches, feels like a good secret. We love that each coastal community across the region has a different feel, from artsy Ocean Springs to charming Bay St. Louis. With

By Syjil Ashraf

New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that is celebrated in nearly every corner of the world. Americans, in particular, really know how to ring in the new year with city-wide parties, fantastic fireworks, and interesting countdown traditions.

In every one of the country’s 50 states as well as Washington, D.C., you’ll find that locals are well and truly ready for a brand-new beginning, starting with the ultimate celebration. While New York City’s Times Square leads the country with its famous ball drop, many cities have their

Someone should have told me years ago about this magical land with gorgeous beaches (with remarkable sunsets), 500 year old majestic oak trees, the freshest seafood to be found anywhere in the world (#BigShrimpin), and a funky artsy laid-back vibe. After all, Jimmy Buffett was born here but I find even more telling that nearly everyone I met chooses to live here (#MSCoastLife). I cannot recall ever flying anywhere three times in one year, but in 2018

Biloxi MS Beach

December 01, 2018

Biloxi, MS Beach

© Courtesy of Fotoluminate LLC - Fotolia.com

Biloxi is a picturesque city in Harrison County Mississippi. The city covers an area of 46.7 square miles and is located in the south of the state, with a long beachfront on the Mississippi Sound. Biloxi has an estimated population of around 45,000 people but attracts many more each year due to its touristic nature and beautiful beaches.

Biloxi is actually one of the oldest cities in the entire country, being founded way back in 1699. It's well-known for its impressive casinos, restaurants, historic

Mike Bailey

November 19, 2018

A couple hours by car from Las Vegas, great scenery and value awaits in lesser-known St. George, Utah. Courtesy of Sand Hollow G.C.

Going to Hawaii, Arizona, Palm Springs or South Florida in the winter is, for the most part, a pretty expensive proposition. But those are far from the only options for golfers who dream of teeing it up when much of the country is covered with snow.

There are, in fact, several destinations that are fairly reasonably priced in the winter. They offer good to exceptional golf, mostly

The House Method team cast their votes on the best winter getaways in the US. Our list includes destinations for the outdoorsman, beach lover, and tourist alike.

For some, winter means embracing the cold, strapping on some skis and donning a hat. Others look for relief from the low temperatures in the form of beaches or small southern hideaways. We at House Method believe that wherever you go, a beautiful and unique environment is key to the experience. This list of winter vacation spots is jam packed with beautiful villages, stylish hotels,

From a bar that brings back the look of old New York City to a modern design in Nashville, these bars don't just serve the best drinks—they do so in a space that's like no other

By Kristine Hansen

What any bar owner will tell you is that it’s not hard to make a drink. Rather, what’s difficult is cultivating an environment that embraces eye-catching design. When this design is done well, it sets the bar into an echelon of its own, bringing in locals and design lovers alike. Borrowing inspiration from eclectic pockets around the globe as well

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