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Sometimes you just don’t feel like driving. And in Coastal Mississippi, with its endless choices of nonstop entertainment, chances are you and your friends will need chauffeuring around our 62 miles of coastline to ensure you soak up all the fun you can stand. We now offer options for mobile app transportation spanning our tri-county region. Download apps such as Uber, Lyft, and ZTrip to access rates, rides, and even ride-sharing options.


ZTrip gives you the freedom to book now or later, book with your favorite driver, even choose a vehicle that meets your requirements. 



Uber provides a reliable ride in minutes, offers a price estimator before booking, and lets you pick the type of ride you want.



Lyft allows you to pick the type of service you want. From bus schedules, shared rides, bikes/scooters, to rentals or a car to take you from point A to point B there are 9 different options to suite your needs and mood.