The Randolph Center

315 Clark Avenue

Pass Christian, MS 39571

Phone: (228) 452-3315

Community theatre operated by the Pass Christian Theatre Project in the historic Randolph Center (1928).

  • Pass Christian Theater Project

  • Feb 2, 2017 - Feb 5, 2017

The farce revolves around the character of the very wealthy Foxwell J. Sly, and his indentured servant Simon Able. Sly has the town duped into believing that he is dying, and four citizens vie for his inheritance. Jethro Crouch is willing to will away his son's inheritance to Sly on the promise that he receives Sly's money after Sly has died; Abner Truckle solicits his wife to Sly under the impression that it will sway Sly to name him as his heir; Lawyer Craven defends the dignity of Sly in court after the Captain discovers him molesting Mrs. Truckle, for the same promise of riches; Merrilee Fancy, the most popular harlot in the town, finds herself in the family way and hopes to marry Sly for his wealth. None of them realize, even Able, Sly's closest confidant and student, that no one is able to outfox Fox, the master of deception.

The Pass Christian Theatre Project opens season three with Sly Fox, the hilarious comedy about greed, lust, and the art of the con. Based on the play Valpone by Ben Jonson, Sly Fox was written by Larry Gelbart (author of M*A*S*H*, Tootsie, and Oh God). The story has been moved from the 17th century Venice to turn of the 20th century San Francisco.

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