Biloxi River Paintball, Inc

23320 River Ridge Dr

Saucier, MS 39503

Phone: (228) 806-3448

biloxi paintballBiloxi River Paintball, Inc is "painting" the Gulf Coast "!" This 45-acre "battleground" offer a variety of options - an Airbase, Village, POW camp, Fuel Depot, Ammo Depot, SAM site, Radar sites, several bridges, roads, numerous trails throughout - all running along the Biloxi River. Biloxi River Paintball can accommodate any size group - various size playing fields are arranged for smaller groups, or if needed, the entire field for larger groups. Bring your family, a group, reunion, and enjoy a truly unique, "battling" day. Open Saturdays 8am-5pm. By Appointment For 12 or more. Fees Apply.